Albino to Albino Breeding

Is breeding albino to albino bad?  There is no simple answer to this question, in many cases breeding an albino to another albino results in some or all of the babies being deformed, one eye, kinks, still births, etc.

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The reason people say not to breed Albino to Albino has to do with the albino gene being a week gene and initially inbred to prove out the albino genetics.  The het albino gene was first successfully breed/born in 1990 by breeding a male albino to 6 female normals. In june of 1990 2 of the females produced the first ever heterozygous (het) albinos.  As a result of heavy feedings, the babies were nearly six feet long within one year.  Due to the size of the females a paring was made for the 1991 breeding season.  In June of 1992 the first captive born albino boas were produced. The litter consisted of 22 babies, three of which were albino.

Throughout the past 20 years the albino gene has been getting stronger by out breeding to new blood lines.  So thats why it is not recommended to breed an albino to an albino because there is a chance of having a deformed litter. Although there has recently been more and more stories of successfully breeding albino to albino boas.

Personally if it where up to me i would breed my albino to a het to ensure i had a health litter.

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