Pregnant Orangasm Triple Het

Hey Guys!

Meet Bertha. She is an orangasm triple het moonglow and this year she bred with a moonglow. Now she is just about to give birth to hopefully, lots of moonglows and orangasm moonglows :) . I’ll keep you posted.

Check out the scale separation


  1. robert says:

    im about to do the same thing i would love to speak with u im robert i have a female moonglow and im raising up a male tripple het moonglow with her what do u think my out comes gonna be i cannot find anything on it please tell me -=)

    • William says:

      Hi Robert, Feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call from the phone number on our contact us page. Breeding boas is very fun and exciting especially when you are breeding clutches that product huge varieties. Below is a quick glimpse at your odds for what you can expect. But beware that these are only odds and when it comes to breeding boas expect a curve ball or two. Let us know when they are born. Best of luck!

      Outcome for Moonglow to Triple het.:
      1/16 Normal het. Albino het. Anerythristic (Double het. Snow)
      1/16 Anerythristic het. Kahl Albino (Anery het. Snow)
      2/16 Hypo het. Albino het. Anerythristic (Triple het. Moonglow)
      2/16 Ghost het. Albino (Ghost het. Moonglow)
      1/16 Albino het. Anerythristic (Albino het. Snow)
      1/16 Super Hypo het. Albino het. Anerythristic (Super Triple het. Moonglow)
      1/16 Super Ghost het. Albino (Super Ghost het. Moonglow)
      1/16 Snow
      2/16 Sunglow het. Anerythristic (Sunglow het. Moonglow)
      2/16 Moonglow
      1/16 Super Sunglow het. Anerythristic (Super Sunglow het. Moonglow)
      1/16 Super Moonglow

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