Sexing Your Red Tail Boa

"Popping" and "Probing"

It’s Easy!  There are three easy methods for sexing red tail boas.

1. The first way is to lightly squeeze the area just below the anal hole with your index finger and thumb. Then gently slide your two fingers down the snakes tail to the end. In males you will feel two little bumps between the anal hole and the end of the tail. In females you will feel nothing. This is not the most accurate way to sex your boas but it is the quickest and easiest.

2. “Popping” – This method is not for young boas and should be done by a professional or someone with experience. When you pop your snake, if male, you will expose the inverted double penii (see image above).

3. “Probing” – Start by lubing your probe. Flip the vent open gently by starting the probe away from the tail.  The probe should go just under the vent plate. Then flip it towards the tail so that the tip of the probe enters the cloaca opening but keep the probe to either side so that it can seek hemepene if there is one.  Press the probe as far as you can against the posterior wall. In a male, the probe will reach around 8 or 9 subcaudal scales down the tail. In a female, it will only reach 1 or 2 subcaudal scales down the tail. Subcaudal scales are the enlarged plates on the underside of your snake’s tail. Do not use a probe that is too small as this could lead to inaccurate results.  Again, this should be done by a professional or someone with experience.


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