Snow Boa

Take a look at some updated pictures of this amazing snow boa. He was shipped out to Florida yesterday and we are glad to report he made it safe and sound. I love this boas amazing tail!

Holiday Sale

Our “Holiday Sale” is filled with specials and deals that will beat anyone’s prices on all of our boas.  This sale will continue through the first of the year and all boas will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

Download PDF: Holiday Sale Price List


Buy a Healthy Red Tail Boa

Never bought a snake before? Or maybe you have but never felt it was as healthy as advertised?  Make sure the Boa is healthy and is being kept in good conditions before buying.

- ?Your snake should have clear firm skin, a rounded body shape, a clean vent, clear eyes, and will actively flick its tongue around when handled.

- When held, the snake should grip you gently but firmly when moving around. It should be alert to its surroundings. All young snakes are food for other, larger snakes, birds, lizards and mammalian predators so your hatchling may be a bit nervous at first but should settle down quickly.

- There is little difference in temperament between the two sexes. Captive-bred Boas of all subspecies tend to be more docile than their wild-caught counterparts.

- Make note of the last time they ate, shed and what they ate.

Check out our FAQ page  for more information.