Baby Snakes Are Here!

So remember very pregnant Bertha? She dropped 6-28-11 with a grand total of 23 babies. Got lots of great new snakes. Take a look.

More pictures to follow soon!

Sire: Moonglow X Dam: Orangasm Tripple Het

Baby Red Tail Boas

Here is a picture of the first clutch red tail boa breeder ever produced.  This clutch was produced in 2007 by crossing a Orangasm Triple Het female and a Snow male.  In the picture you can see Double Het Snows, Albino Het Anery, Triple Het Moonglows, Sunglows Het Anery, Orangasm Sunglow Het Anery, Ghost Het Albino, Snows, Moonglows and the firsy ever produced Orangasm Moonglow.

What do you think?

We have some exciting clutches due this year! Stay tuned.

Moonglow Boa and Orangasm Moonglow Boa

First lets start with what an Orangasm is?  It is a type of hypo with a high orange bloodline originally produced by Frank Martin. Here is a picture comparing the two different moonglows.  What do you guys think?