Heat Lamp vs. Under Tank Heater

Ever wondered what is best to use: a heat lamp or an under tank heater?  Well, they both get the job done.  If you are in a consistently cold climate it may be a good idea to use both.  However, if you live in sunny Southern California either one or the other  is plenty.

Let’s compare:

Heat lamps typically give off more heat for a larger area.  Where as a heat strip or pad provides a more focused heat zone allowing the snake to self regulate temperatures easier.  Especially with the baby snakes.

Be sure to always use a type of bedding on the bottom of your tank to prevent your snake from burning itself (Even though the package warns this, I have never had a snake burn itself from an under tank heater).  Never set up your heat lamp in the tank with your snake.  The lamp should always be outside of the tank and far enough away that the snake will not wrap itself around it and burn.

My conclusion is: Under tank heater. They tend to allow for a more compact tank setup system. They are tucked under out of the way.

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