Why do snakes shed?

Shedding is an important process for your snake to go through.  It can help remove parasites, old skin and allow for growth.  When your snake is shedding, it’s shed/skin should come off in one piece.  Snakes shed their skin by brushing against something hard to create a rip in their old skin. Starting at their nose/mouth area the snake continues to work the rip until removed.Younger snakes will shed more often than older snakes.


So you like the skin your snake has right now…not to worry. The new skin has the same pattern and colors as the old.

Shedding does not always go without incident. If the snake attempts to shed it’s skin when there is not enough moisture/humidity in the air, the skin can be too dry and portions of the old skin can remain attached.  This can be dangerous for the snake because the remaining attached skin can harbor parasites.




  1. lainie says:

    What kind of snake is that in the pic? I know its a red tail but what breed or what ever u would call it? I just bought a 7 year old red tail but I have no clue what she is. My boyfriend and I are planing on breeding her but not sure what she is.

    • William says:

      Sorry but im not 100% sure what kind of red tail boa is in the photo. I grabbed the photo from boa-constrictors.com because I didn’t have any good photos of any of our snakes in mid shed. Sorry i could not be more helpful.

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