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Snakes in the pants: Man arrested after trying to board flight with reptiles in his trousers
By Thomas Durante
(Article taken from

It could have been a case of snakes on a plane, if only he made it through the TSA’s body scanner. A Florida man was arrested at the Miami Airport last week after he tried to smuggle 10 reptiles on a flight by stuffing the animals in his pants. The seven snakes and three tortoises were wound in womenís pantyhose and found in the manís trousers as he waited to board a flight to Brazil.
U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife officers arrested the man, who was not named, and charged him with harbouring animals in an unnatural habitat, according to the TSA Blog. The TSA said it used imaging technology, which allows agents to find potential threats hidden from the naked eye, to find the animals.

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