Payment is required in advance.

Forms of Payment

We accept Cashiers Checks, Certified Bank Checks, Postal Money Orders, and Personal Checks. All checks must clear prior to shipping.

We also accept Bank Transfers (Direct Bank-to-Bank Money Wire) and major Credit Cards via standard PAYPAL processing (william@redtailboabreeder.com).

Payment Plans

It is possible to purchase animals from us using a payment plan. Simply make a reasonable proposal and we will decide if your offer is one that we can live with. Make your payments as agreed and we will hold the animal for you. Full payment is required prior to shipping. Once payment plan is started no refunds will be given.

Please DO NOT negotiate for discounted prices, free shipping, etc. and then ask for a payment plan.


Please note all prices do not include shipping and handling.

All boas are shipped via Delta DASH. This is a same day airport-to-airport service to your nearest commercial airport. This service typically runs between $125 -$200 within the United States.

Our fees cover freight, a quality insulated shipper box, heat/cold pack(s), and clean containers/snake bags.

You can be assured that we will not ship to you until we have agreed upon a date. We will email and call you with the appropriate tracking information. You must be present or available to pick up your shipment from the airport within 1 hour of its arrival via Delta DASH.

International Shipping

International Shipping is Free on any order of $6,500 and over.

- Will only ship wit legal CITES paperwork
- It is your responsibility to know your country’s legal requirements for shipping CITES animals to you.

This process can be completed and organized within a few days. Please note scheduling involves multiple people outside of Red Tail Boa Breeder and airlines; so delivery on an exact date that you request must be flexible.

- Our minimum order for International Shipments is $2,500 in US dollars.
- All shipments must be picked up and inspected at the Airport at the time and point of pick up. Any necessary claims must be made with the Airline at that time.

Free Shipping Quotes – please email us with your place of residence along with your boa list.

*If your country requires such, we charge $195 for a Health Certificate.


All animals will be honestly represented, healthy, feeding and correctly sexed.

*Buyer must sex the boa with in the 1st 30 days for a full refund if there is an error.

*Buyer must contact me within the first 24 hours after they receive the animal for a refund if they are unsatisfied. After 24 hours the boa is yours, and you are fully responsible. I will not provide a (full or partial) refund or give credit after 24 hours. After these first 24 hours we assume no further liabilities.

* A certified Health Certificate can be purchased upon request for $195 per boa. The certificate will be issued within 48 hours prior to ship date unless otherwise specified. If a Health Certificate is not purchased you are accepting Red Tail Boa Breeders analysis of health. Videos, photos and/or feeding charts can be requested prior to purchasing any boa at no additional cost.

* Please remember, this is a live animal you are purchasing. Red Tail Boa Breeder has a strict policy for only shipping healthy animals. Due to so many variables, once the animal leaves our facility, we are no longer responsible for the health of the animal. If you are not familiar with how to properly care for this animal please do not purchase.

All sales are final.